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  • How to Update Unit • Connect unit to computer using the USB data cable. Unit must be turned on.
    • Open GolfBuddy G3 Mac Manager Program and Login.
    • Step 1: Wait until the G3 Mac displays that the device is connected. Proceed by pressing the blue button "Next" at bottom of page.
    • Step 2: Firmware Info: Select "Manually update firmware" and press "Next"
    • Step 3: Select countries to update: Please select country (or countries) you want updated. You can update entire country or a specific state.
    • After making your selection, proceed by pressing blue "Next" button.
    • If a small gray box appears, make sure "Newly Updated Only" is checked.
    • When finished, you will see "Update Complete" and on the top right, you will be on the "Finish" tab and with blue check mark.
    • Once you are finished updating your unit and courses, close the program.
    • On your unit, please press disconnect from the USB cable. Your unit will automatically restart and then the update is complete.
    • If you are experiencing any issues : Service Request Registration

  • GB Course Manager for Mac .
  • How to Download • Download the GolfBuddy Manager program here:
    • After selecting and downloading the correct manager for the Mac, a small gray window should appear with the option to "Run" the program. "Run" it.
    • Proceed by selecting either "Run", "Next", "Allow", "Yes", or "Install" depending on the option that appears.
    • When the program is done installing, you should see a blue icon on your desktop titled "G3 Mac."
    • Open the Program and enter your user ID and password. Login if you already have your unit registered or press the bottom left button to "Sign Up" to open a registration form.
    • If you are experiencing any issues : Service Request Registration