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  • Can't access Voice products in Windows 10

    * The latest firmwares for Voice, Voice+, Voice Lite, VT3, VS4, and Voice2 has been released at 10th July, 2017 and this issue can be solved by updating the latest firmware.


    Old Version


    New Version


    Voice, Voice+, Voice Lite, VS4






    Voice 2




    Instruction Guidance


    1. Prepare Window XP or Windows 7 PC, or Mac.

    2. Connect your Voice, Voice+, VT3, VS4, or Voice2 with your PC or MAC.

    3. Run GBManager or G3Mac and   execute “Update Firmware”.

    4. After update, connect your device with Windows 10 PC and Run GBManager so as to check whether your device can be detected in your PC. 

  • How to Target/Hazerd

    • Select "HAZERDS" by using the toggle buttons ③ and ④. Press button ① to view Hazards information. Or, you can enter the "HAZARDS" by pressing and holding button ④ for 3 seconds from Golf Mode.
    • When more than 3 hazards are available, use toggle buttons ③ and ④ to view the next hazards.

  • How to Shot Distance

    • From Golf Mode, press button ① to show the full menu, then with toggle buttons ③ and ④ go to the “Shot Distance” and select by pressing button ①.
    • Press and hold button ④ to reset the distance.
    • From Shot Distance Mode, the VOICEX will return to the main screen by pressing any button.

  • How to Dual Green Control

    Selecting the Left/Right/Dual Green

    • Press and hold button ④ to select between Left, Right, and Dual Green shown below.

  • Changing your preferred settings
    • From the main menu screen, use toggle buttons ③ and ④ to get to the Settings icon and then press button ① to enter Settings.
    • You can change or view the settings of Display, Clock, Units, Language, and About.
    • On Settings menu, press button ① to confirm your selection, and Press button ② to cancel it and return to the previous screen.


    ⑴ Color Theme : Sets the color for the screen.
     ① White : Light background / Dark text
     ② Black : Dark background / Light text

    ⑵ Orientation : Sets the screen orientation
     ① Normal : Default orientation
     ② Flipped : Invert the orientation


    Sets the unit for distance.(Meter/Yard)


    Sets the date, time, time format(12/24hour), and DST.

    Selects the language among English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

    View the device Information.(Serial Number, Firmware version etc)
  • How to Watch Mode

    Quick Watch Mode (Sunrise/Sunset Time)

    • In Golf Mode, press button ② to go to “Quick Watch Mode” where the current time, sunrise and sunset times will be displayed. The VoiceX will automatically tell you the current time.
    • The Quick Watch Mode will be displayed for 5 seconds and will automatically return to Golf Mode. Or, instead of waiting, press button ② and it will return to Golf Mode immediately.

  • How to Voice Volume Control


    Voice Control

    [Adjusting the volume]
    • From Golf Mode, press button ① to go to the full menu screen.
    • Select “VOLUME” by using the toggle buttons ③ and ④ and then press button ① to go to the Volume controlling screen.
    • Use toggle butttons ③ or ④ to control volume or set it to mute. 

    [Selecting a gender of voice]
    • You can choose a gender of voice(MALE and FEMALE) by selecting"VOICE" and pressing button ①.


  • How to Switching the display mode

    • Press and hold button ③ to switch between main screen A and B shown below.

  • How to Hole Selection

    • To change from the current hole to the next hole in Golf Mode, press button ③.
    • To change from the current hole to the previous hole in Golf Mode, press button ④.

  • How to Exit Golf Mode

    Exit Golf Mode

    • From Play Golf Mode, press and hold button ②, then the VoiceX will display a prompt to confirm your selection. ?If you want to end Golf Mode, press button ① after selecting YES with toggle buttons ③ and ④. Alternately, if you want to keep playing golf, you can return to Golf Mode by pressing button ② or selecting NO.