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  • How to change the unit between Yard and Meter

    From Play Golf Mode, press and hold down anywhere on the screen for 2 seconds, and you can see The Shot Distance screen. From the Shot Distance screen, you can enter SETTING by tapping the image or swipe the screen from right to left. From the Setting Menu, you can change the unit between Yard and Meter, and switch the screen to ALWAYS ON/OFF.

    When you will set “Screen Always On” to ON, please be noted that the battery life will be decreased to Max. 6hour in Golf Mode.

  • How to use the Demo Mode

    To view GOLF mode while away from the golf course, you can put the WTX into “Demo mode”.
    To enter the “Demo mode”, tap the area indicated in red in numerical order on the Searching For Satellite screen.

  • How to set Sedentary

    Use this application to set a reminder to stand up and move around.

    Turning on the sedentary reminder.

    Open the “Sedentary” application by touching the icon and then press button to turn on
    the sedentary reminder.

    Once turned on, the status bar will display the sedentary icon has started .
    If the user has not stood up and move around within the set time, the watch will switch the screen to the image below and vibrate to remind the user to stand up for better health.

    When you encounter the sedentary reminder, press stop the vibration but keep the sedentary reminder on, and press to stop the vibration and turn the sedentary reminder off.

    Setting the time to remind.

    Press the numbers to change the reminder time, then select the arrow up or down to increase or decrease the time, and then select to confirm sedentary setting time.

    Turning off the sedentary reminder

    Open the “Sedentary” application by touching the icon and then, press to turn off the sedentary reminder.

  • Approaching to the Green

    The screen changes to the Green screen shown above automatically from Golf Mode when the golfer is within 20 yards of the center of the green.


  • How to Measure Shot Distances

    From Play Golf Mode, press and hold down anywhere on the screen for 2 seconds to enter the Shot Distance screen. To start measuring your shot distance, tap the play button . The Shot Distance screen will return to the Play Golf Screen by pressing the “Power/ESC” key and will measure distances in the background.

    Once you have reached your ball, press and hold down anywhere on the screen for 2 seconds and tap the paue button . to finish measuring and view the shot distance.

  • How access Watch Mode during play

    In Golf Mode, tap the indicated area on top of the screen (outlined in red on the image below) to switch to Quick Watch Mode for the current time, sunrise, and sunset time. The Watch Mode will be displayed for 5 seconds and will automatically return to Golf Mode or tap the screen and it will return to Golf Mode immediately.

  • How to do the GPS Reset How to Do the “GPS Reset”
      1. From Golf Mode, press and hold anywhere on the screen over 4 seconds to exit the game.
      2. Tap the button  to do the “GPS reset”.
      3. After finding satellites, WTX will return to the main screen


    Please try “GPS reset” in abnormal cases as below
     1. WTX is not recognizing the hole automatically.
     2. WTX recognizes the wrong hole.
     3. WTX is showing the incorrect distance information.


  • How to Exit Golf Mode

    From Golf Mode, press and hold down anywhere on the screen for over 4 seconds. Then, tap button if you would like to end the round.

  • How to Change Hole Manually

    The WTX will automatically advance to the next hole as you play through acourse. Please note that in rare instances it may be necessary to manually advance to the next hole.

    Manual Hole Selection

    To change from the current hole to the next hole during Play Golf Mode, swipe the screen from top to bottom, and to change from current hole to previous hole at the Play Golf Mode, swipe the screen from bottom to top.

  • Replace the Watch Strap

    Removing the Old Strap

    Slide the strap’s spring bar inwards and separate the strap from the WTX

    Installing a New Strap

    Insert one end of the spring bar into the case lug’s pinhole, slide the spring bar inwards, and connect the strap.