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  • No Display
    • Please make sure you have the battery inserted correctly (with the negative end facing in).

    • Press the power button firmly.

    • If this still does not work, you may have to replace the CR2 battery.
  • Does it Calculate Elevation
    • No, the LR5 does not calculate elevation. The second model, the LR5S calculates slope/elevation.
  • Does it Have a Stabilizer
    • No, the LR5 does not have a laser stabilizer. However, the compact size and 1-Click-Scan feature allows for a steady grip and quick measurements.
  • How to Locate Serial Number • On Unit
    - Flip the unit over.
    - Serial number is located on the bottom of unit.

    • Outside of box
    - Turn box around and serial number will be on back of box.