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  • Battery Does Not Last

    • If the unit does not last near 2 rounds of golf, please make sure you are charging the unit for about 4 hours before use.

    • If you are charging through the USB port on the computer, try charging directly through a wall port charger for 4 hours.

    • If it has been approximately 2 years since its first use, the battery may need to be replaced.

    • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration 

  • Battery Will Not Charge

    • Please check to make sure the data cable and wall charger are inserted all the way.

    • Please try using another USB cable (this type of cable is widely used in the electronics industry) or in a different outlet.

    • If a battery image with an "X" or lightning bolt is shown while the unit is connected, please perform an emergency reboot on the unit.

    • To perform an emergency reboot: Please turn off the unit. Connect the USB data cable to your computer or wall charger. While holding down the P and large Main button located on the front of the unit, connect the USB cable to the unit. When the screen starts to flash, release the two buttons. Once you reach SYNC screen, disconnect the USB cable from the unit. Turn on the device. Emergency Reboot is now complete.

    • If you are still experiencing issues : Service Request Registration