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  • Can't access Voice products in Windows 10

    * The latest firmwares for Voice, Voice+, Voice Lite, VT3, VS4, and Voice2 has been released at 10th July, 2017 and this issue can be solved by updating the latest firmware.


    Old Version


    New Version


    Voice, Voice+, Voice Lite, VS4






    Voice 2




    Instruction Guidance


    1. Prepare Window XP or Windows 7 PC, or Mac.

    2. Connect your Voice, Voice+, VT3, VS4, or Voice2 with your PC or MAC.

    3. Run GBManager or G3Mac and   execute “Update Firmware”.

    4. After update, connect your device with Windows 10 PC and Run GBManager so as to check whether your device can be detected in your PC. 

  • How to Perform an Emergency Reboot
    • To perform an emergency reboot:
    Please press and hold the 2 touch points (either the top left and bottom right, or the top right and bottom left) below for 10 seconds.
  • Technical Support If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the following:
    • Incorrect yardage
    • Freezing
    • Satellite issue
    • Blank screen
    • Won’t turn on

    Please perform a firmware update on your unit through using GB manager.
    If that does not fix the issue, attempt the following steps to perform an emergency reboot:
    1. Hold 2 designated points in the screen for about 20 seconds.
    2. Press and hold the Mark button and connect the unit to the USB cable on to the computer or any other power source. Release the button until message NAND Boot End!! appears on screen.

    *Note: The USB cable must be connected to a computer or the AC adaptor.

    If you are still experiencing technical difficulties after attempting a firmware update and an emergency reboot, please contact our Customer Service team.
  • How to Locate Serial Number • On Unit
    - Flip the unit over.
    - Serial number is located on the back of unit.

    • Outside of box
    - Turn box around and serial number will be on back of box.

    • Through GolfBuddy Manager
    - Connect unit with USB cable to computer
    - From left side tabs, select "Profile"
    - S/N will be displayed on bottom of screen
  • How to Change Unit of Measurement
    • To measure your shot distance, from the main screen, swipe down and the touch the Y/M icon. You can change from Yard or Meters or vice versa. Touch the check icon at the bottom left corner to save the unit of measurement and to go back to your previous screen.
  • How To Create User ID • Open the GB Manager application by clicking on the blue icon on your desktop.

    • You will see a Login Panel . Click on “Sign up” at the bottom. This will bring up a webpage for you to create your User ID and Password.

    • Please fill in all the details that are required ( indicated by "*" ). Please note the instructions regarding no Caps, Symbols, Spaces, & a 4-15 character-long requirement. You will need to click “Check Availability” to verify your selected User ID is valid and not already being used.

    • Please click “Submit” at the bottom of the form when finished.

    • Your User ID and Password are now created...Make sure to write them down and keep
    them in a safe place in case you forget them!
  • How to Set Time
    • The time will automatically set once you acquire satellite signal on the golf course. However, you may need to update the hours based on your time zone.

    • From the main screen, slide the screen to the left once to access the time mode. Touch and hold the screen and you can navigate with the left and right arrows to select your time zone. Please touch the check icon at the bottom left corner to save your time zone and return to the time mode screen.
  • How to Measure Shot
    • To measure your shot distance, from the main screen, press the Mark button for the measuring distance screen or you can swipe right from the Main Screen. Touch and hold the icon to mark your position. You can also press and hold the Mark button to start measuring. As you move, the screen will now show the distance from the marked position. Tap the Mark Distance screen or press the Mark button to finish measuring and you can see/hear the measured distance.
  • How to Mute/Unmute • From the main screen, please swipe down to bring up the Setting Screen. To mute, touch the speaker icon . Touch the check icon at the bottom left screen to save your setting and go back to your previous screen.
  • How to Change Language
    • To change the language, swipe down to bring the menu screen and press and hold the Mark button for 3 seconds. Select the desired language by touching the selection twice and the unit will load the language you selected.